Final Fantasy XIV Patch Notes for 6.41 Confirm the Echo for Pandæmonium Pandaemonium: Abyssos (Savage)
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Final Fantasy XIV Patch Notes for 6.41 Confirm the Echo for Pandæmonium: Abyssos (Savage)

The 6.41 update is live for Final Fantasy XIV, and The Lodestone patch notes confirm this is mainly about fixing various issues in the game. Certain Voidcast Dais issues are tackled with the release, for example. More notably, it ensures everyone gets the Pandæmonium: Abyssos (Savage) Echo effect in Final Fantasy XIV.

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Ahead of the update, Final Fantasy XIV might not have noticed the Echo triggering in Pandæmonium: Abyssos (Savage). This is a fairly substantial bonus. It increases the party’s health by 10%. When in effect, it will also make their healing abilities 10% more effective and increase damage from their attacks and skills by 10%.

As for Voidcast Dais and its Extreme variant, two notable fixes appeared. It fixed exploits that might have made the fight a little easier. One involved Double Meteor’s knockback not working properly. The other let someone use Eventide Fall or Eventide Triad to halt Golbez.

Here are the full patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV 6.41:

Battle System

Players will now receive the power of the Echo in Pandæmonium: Abyssos (Savage).

The Echo will take effect upon entering Pandæmonium: Abyssos (Savage), increasing players’ maximum HP, damage dealt, and healing potency by 10%.
* Unlike other instances, the strength of the Echo will not increase in the event all party members are incapacitated.

Resolved Issues

  • The following issues have been addressed:
    • An issue in the Voidcast Dais and the Voidcast Dais (Extreme) wherein the targets of Golbez’s Double Meteor standing on top of one another caused its knockback effect to function incorrectly.
    • An issue in the Voidcast Dais (Extreme) wherein Golbez executing Eventide Triad or Eventide Fall caused him to stop moving under certain conditions.
    • An issue when participating in certain Stone, Sky, Sea trials as a machinist wherein the HP of the striking dummy was lower than intended.
    • An issue wherein the effect duration noted in the help text of the variant action Variant Ultimatum was incorrect.
      * This was an issue only in the description.
    • An issue in PvP wherein the reaper action Guillotine would not inflict damage to its main target.
    • An issue in PvP wherein the machinist action Bioblaster failed to indicate that the additional effect of Analysis does not apply to its damage over time effect.
    • An issue wherein Daily Challenge: Frontline in the Duty Finder did not list Series EXP as a reward when players are PvP rank 50.
    • An issue when undertaking certain quests wherein enemies did not spawn when players were using fashion accessories.
    • An issue wherein graphics in certain cutscenes implemented in Patch 6.4 did not display properly.
    • An issue in the island sanctuary wherein furnishing glamours could not be seen by other players visiting an island.
    • An issue wherein the accessories for the Artful Afflatus and Natural Afflatus gear were incorrectly categorized as unique.
    • An issue wherein switching between gear sets that use the same equipment but are linked to different glamour plates incorrectly triggered an error message.
    • An issue wherein the error message displayed when attempting to use PlayStation®Plus free destinations after a PlayStation®Plus subscription has expired is incorrect.
    • Other minor text issues have also been addressed.

Other various issues have also been addressed.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC, and patch 6.41 is available now.

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