Receive Exclusive Final Fantasy XIV Phone Wallpaper and Updates Through Line

Final Fantasy XIV LINE App Account Wallpaper

LINE app users can receive an exclusive Final Fantasy XIV wallpaper through the popular SNS messaging service. By adding the official Final Fantasy XIV account to their in-app contact list, users will immediately receive the mentioned wallpaper. Additionally, the latest updates for Final Fantasy XIV will be sent to your mobile device as well. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

International users of the LINE app will be eligible to add the official Final Fantasy XIV account to their contact list. However, the updates received will only be in Japanese. When adding the account to your in-app contact list, other functions include direct links to the Mog Station storefront and direct links to the Lodestone.

The wallpaper users will receive features key art from Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. This image features none other than the Warrior of Light and Darkness with the Dark Knight Job Crystal equipped.

A release date for Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers 5.4 patch was recently announced. According to Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida, the 5.4 patch will be the largest content update patch to date. The upcoming patch will include the conclusion to the Eden’s Verse raid, more main story quests, and the appearance of Emerald Weapon.

Final Fantasy XIV is immediately available for PC, PlayStation 4 and has been confirmed for backwards compatibility for the PlayStation 5.

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