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Final Fantasy XIV Preview Gives A Look Inside Alexander: Midas



A recent update posted on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone gives a preview of just a few things to expect from the new raid Alexander: Midas, as well as Alexander: Midas (Savage). Both raids will be added to the game when Patch 3.2 releases on February 23rd.


Here’s a little more information on Alexander: Midas from the official Lodestone:


“Though its core was disabled, the colossal steel giant still hums with a foreboding sense of dread. The Illuminati are gearing up for war, and Alexander has thrust yet another arm up and out of the Thaliak river, continuing its climb from the murky depths. Will the Illuminati realize their warped ideals and bleed the realm dry? Once again you must call forth your allies and venture into the iron fortress, lest the realm bears the price of the goblins’ endeavor.”





Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.