Final Fantasy XIV Producer Talks Upcoming Changes


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Final Fantasy XIV producer, Naoki Yoshida, put another of his developer columns up this week on the game’s forums. Yoshida starts out by teasing something with pictures of Roegadyn in swimsuits.


This is part of some sort of upcoming summer celebration event in Final Fantasy XIV. Moving on, Yoshida talks a little bit about patch 1.18, which went live this week, and then discusses ongoing player concerns. He starts out with the future of rankings.


“I don’t want there to be a huge loss of skill points imposed for dying, or for players to have to grind 5–6 hours a day for 8 months to get to the high ranks,” Yoshida writes. “I do think ranking up should take longer in MMOs than in non-MMOs, but I plan to make the process both possible and enjoyable for players willing to invest the time, even if they’re solo, and even by doing quests and guildleves.”


Speaking with regard with party play, the development team is hurrying to make adjustments to respawn timers, linked-enemy bonuses, and party bonuses to make skill point awards in public areas better while playing in a party. Yoshida believes that putting together a party takes time and effort, so he’d like to make sure skill point awards reflect that. More instanced raids are on the way as well.


Yoshida also mentions enemy distribution. In some areas, enemy distribution left gaps due to the expanse of the area, and this will be heavily adjusted in the future as well. In his next column, he says, he’ll discuss patch 1.19 and more changes to the game.

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