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Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 3.56 Brings The Finale To Heavensward’s Scenario



Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 3.56 has just released, adding new content to the game, including a conclusion to the Heavensward scenario and setting up the story to lead players into the Stormblood expansion coming in June.


Here’s an overview of the new additions and adjustments that patch 3.56 brings to the game:


· First and most notably, new main scenario quests have been added.


· Equipment resembling the Garo gear obtained from the Feast can now be purchased in exchange for MGP at the Gold Saucer.


· The weekly limitation on Allagan tomestones of scripture has been increased from 450 to 900.


· The drop rate for Demonic Lanner Whistle has been increased.


The update is also bringing changes to the MMORPG’s free trials, which you can read about in our previous report.


To read more details about the changes and additions in this patch, you can visit the official Lodestone.


Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3.