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Final Fantasy XV Is Getting At Least Three DLC Episodes In 2018, Starting With “Episode: Ardyn”



Square Enix shared some of their plans for new Final Fantasy XV content in 2018 during the last Active Time Report stream, where it was revealed that there will be at least three more episode-style DLC.


Here are some notes from the stream:

  • Square Enix plans on sharing details on the new content sometime within this year. After that, they’ll follow up with official announcements with more detail on what kind of content, its release timing, and how it’ll be offered.


  • Hajime Tabata says that he wants to deliver at least three episode-style DLC in 2018.


  • The first has been confirmed for Ardyn. There was many who pointed out that story for the world is lacking, but Square Enix will make sure to tell us more about Eos in the episode for Ardyn.


  • Tabata wants to release the next content when it’s in a state that can guarantee satisfaction. The focus won’t be to release it within 2018, but to go with the direction of having each and every new content be satisfactory before releasing.


  • Furthermore, Tabata wants to make something that will bring back those who cleared the game and lost interest.


Final Fantasy XV is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A PC version is scheduled to release in early 2018.

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