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Final Fantasy XV Tech Demo Shows Off The Luminous Engine



Europe got to see a first look at the latest gameplay footage from Final Fantasy XV during the Paris Game Festival in France. During the event, director Hajime Tabata also showed a new tech demo for the game. [Thanks, Mika IIM]


In the video, Tabata started out by saying that he heard about how fans want to hear the latest about the Luminous Engine, so he felt that this would be a good occasion to have everyone catch up on how it’s been doing with a little tech demo.


In the tech demo, Square Enix basically took parts of the trailer that was shown at Tokyo Game Show last month, and gave it a different look, showing the technical aspects behind it, starting with a look at the royal car.


Next, they show a look at a night and day contrast to show its lighting in various times throughout the day, in addition to some atmospheric demonstrations showing the skies and the inside of a cave.


The next part shows a close-up of Noctis’ skin textures, along with various facial expressions. They also show a look at how they do hair models, along with how they work on the vast terrain and surrounding. They finish it off with some visual effects, animations, and artificial intelligence.


During the event, Tabata also shared that the Luminous Engine 1.4 is currently a fusion of the Luminous and Ebony engines. The demo, which release in March 2015, will have its 1.5 version, and the finished version is expected to run on the 2.0 version of the Luminous Engine.



Additionally, there was also some more footage, featuring Noctis and his friends walking around in the fields. Some of the monsters that appear at night will  have all kinds of extra dangerous status effects, so you’ll need to be careful while traveling around at night.


Next, at 1:10, you see Noctis walk by a small lake. While he didn’t demonstrate it during the vent, Tabata said that you can also do some fishing in those areas. From the 1:58 mark of the video, the director explains that what you’re seeing will be part of the demo.


There’s quite the distance, but you’ll get to travel by foot or car. There will be plenty of monsters and events in the area for the demo, so players will be able to get the first taste of Final Fantasy XV.


Final Fantasy XV is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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