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Final Fantasy XVI Combat System Detailed

Final Fantasy XVI Combat System

Square Enix shared new details about the combat system in Final Fantasy XVI. This includes information about how players can enhance Clive’s abilities, the companions players will meet throughout the game, and how the special “Summon” actions will function. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

As a Dominant, Clive will be able to channel various abilities attributed to specific summons, called Eikons in the game. Players will be able to switch between each of these “Summons” in real time and make use of their specific abilities and attacks on the fly. Players will also be fighting these iconic Final Fantasy summons in game as well, through large scale battles. More information on this will appear sometime in the future.

Alongside general combat details, Square Enix further extrapolated on the “Story” and more “Action” focused modes players can choose from in Final Fantasy XVI. As mentioned before, the story mode function will include several accessories players can pick and choose from to make the experience more enjoyable for them. The story mode will also allow for summon augmented attacks to be executed with ease, and and to automatically avoid attacks with some of these accessories. Additionally, players will be able to level up various abilities associated with Clive’s weapons and the abilities associated with the various Dominants.

Torgal, Clive’s wolf-dog, will function as a companion throughout the game. Players can instruct Torgal to attack, and to even engage enemies together. Additionally, Clive will be joined by other characters which will function as AI controlled companions. This includes Cid and Jill, which were shown fighting alongside Clive in a trailer that debuted during The Game Awards 2022.

Final Fantasy XVI will release for PlayStation 5 on June 23, 2022.

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