Final Fantasy’s New Time Travel RPG Will Be Like Chrono Trigger Meets FFV And VI



Square Enix recently announced a new smartphone title with Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal, where you’ll have to change the future from being destroyed by a god. 4Gamer shares more information on the game from a recent Square Enix mobile event.



The story is based on “magic that goes beyond time” and the characters will time travel as part of their adventures. The general director, Takashi Tokita, also knows a thing or two about time traveling in video games, as he was one of the three directors of the hit SNES title, Chrono Trigger. [Even his name has the word “time” in it, too.]


According to Tokita, he feels that a system that will allow you to visit various eras in Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal is perfect for a smartphone title and its downloadable features.


Additionally, the game is influenced by the Super Famicom era games, with inspirations from the visuals of Final Fantasy V and VI, so the game will bring a sense of nostalgia to the older generation of Final Fantasy series.


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The protagonist, named Tomorrow, was originally going to be a character that put the burden of the world’s suffering on his shoulders; however, Tokita then gave the order to make him into someone who would happily adventure around the world.


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According to Tokita, Tomorrow lives in the present world, and the heroine Emo (pronounced eh-mo) is a mysterious girl from the future.



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Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal will focus on the story more than anything, and is expected to have monthly updates with new story elements.


The game will also feature music by Naoshi Mizuta, who has worked on soundtrack for Final Fantasy XI, XIII-2, and XIV: A Realm Reborn. He’s expected to compose around 50 tracks for the title, which is quite a lot for a mobile game.


“[The music] will feel as though you’ve arrived in a new era of time, and none of it will have a feeling of a recycled sound to it, either,” added the composer.


The character designs and illustration are being done by Ryosuke Aiba, who has also worked as an art director for Final Fantasy XI and has also been involved with the Lord of Vermillion series.


Finally, Tokita said that the upcoming game will be “a new Final Fantasy that is being made by creators of the Final Fantasy series,” to conclude the talks. “You’ll get to enjoy the main story, completely for free, and I’d like to finish it as a straightforward piece of entertainment.”


Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal is expected to launch this winter on Android and iOS.

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