Square Fires Final Fantasy Type-0 Magic System Screens


Earlier this week, we wrote about Final Fantasy Type-0’s different types of fire, ice and lightning spells, based off of the attributes of various firearms. Now, you can read the spell type descriptions along with screenshots.


Shotgun [SHG] type attacks are short-range attacks that are stronger the closer you are to an enemy. Higher levels of magic (-ra and –ga spells) increase range and the projectiles fired.


Rifle [RF] attacks are long-range attacks that go straight. While they can hit from farther away, their area of effect is narrow. Higher tier spells come with an increased rate of fire.


Bomb [BOM] class spells are short-range explosive attacks, effective against small enemies. The area of effect increases with higher tiers of magic.


Missile [MIS] class spells are homing attacks. Higher tiers of magic come with an area of effect bonus.


Rocket launcher [ROC] attacks, a targeting cursor appears and you can manually aim an explosive blast at enemies. Higher tier spells increase range.



Downed enemies release Phantoma. By holding R, you can absorb Phantoma to recover MP.



Phantoma can be used to strengthen magic using the Alto Crystarium system. You can enhance attributes such as attack power, MP use, casting time, distance and speed.

Ishaan Sahdev
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