Final Theosis Is A Visual Novel About Ghosts That Help The Living



The protagonist of Final Theosis is dead, but while waiting for their final journey to the afterlife, they’ll be able to help living beings who are in trouble. Through the good deeds they choose to do (or not do), they’ll be able to reach the next realm that awaits them.




The dead protagonist is able to help people, visiting several lives over the course of the game. They’ll meet many living and dead characters, and through the player’s decisions, be able to assist them with their troubles while finding out the reasons behind their own demise.


Despite their phantom form, love is still possible for the ghostly characters. Final Theosis offers a handful of romance options players can follow to see some of its characters fall in love. If dating does not appeal, though, the player can instead play the optional collectible card game with many of the characters.




Players will be able to save souls in trouble and collect cards in May when Final Theosis is projected to release.

Alistair Wong
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