So far, Marvelous announced humans, hobbits (Halflings), dwarves and elves in Valhalla Knights 2. With about a month left until the May 29 release in Japan, Marvelous is starting to reveal what is new. The Akatoki, a group of martial artists, will be playable in the sequel. Both characters look like they stepped out of Virtua Fighter and it will be interesting to see what kinds of things (if any besides minimal clothes) the Akatoki equip.


Gathering new gear was one of the reasons I stuck with Valhalla Knights.


Speaking of Valhalla Knights it’s unknown if XSeed Games will take care of the sequel, but even if they don’t an English release is likely to come out from Rising Star in Europe. We’ll be on the look out for it.


Images courtesy of Marvelous Interactive.

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