Find Yourself Falling For A Man You Should Hate In Otome VN Empty Horizons



After her father’s passing, Mireille’s uncle agrees to take her in. This unfortunately means being escorted to his home in France by Lyon, “…a tactless, careless Frenchman who only seems to care about telling stupid jokes and seducing older women”. Mireille should hate him, yet their time together only brings them closer in Empty Horizons.




Mireille’s solitary attitude and upbringing at a prestigious all-girls’ boarding school has not prepared her for travelling life with someone like Lyon. As such, players will be working their way through the pair’s difficult travelling time, watching as they steadily grow closer despite their differing attitudes.




Empty Horizons is he next visual novel from Ebi-Hime, developer of Asphyxia and Round the Mulberry Bush. It is currently seeking votes on Steam Greenlight with no set release date.

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