Find Your Place Among The Strange City Of Else Heart.Break()



Erik Svedang has released a new trailer for his adventure game else Heart.Break(), which is about “friendship, love and technology in a place where bits have replaced atoms.”


Else Heart.Break takes place in Dorisburg, and follows new arrival Sebastian as he settles into his new job and starts to make friends with the various hackers and activists among the city’s inhabitants.


It plays as a 3D adventure game, giving you the breadth of an entire simulated city to explore, as well as its many citizens that you can get to know through conversation.



The idea of the game is to partake in role-playing, finding your place in the city, whether that’s being the guy who strolls around the park smoking a cigarette, or an upcoming machine-hacker that fiddles with code for hours a day.


Earlier versions of else Heart.Break() emphasized a puzzle-solving element, but now the game is more about becoming engrossed in another world, perhaps falling in love with someone, and maybe stopping the evil deeds of the city’s rulers – it’s up to you.


Else Heart.Break() has been in development for four years and features music by El Huervo, who you may know as one of the artists on the Hotline Miami soundtrack. More about the game can be found on its website.

Chris Priestman