Fire Emblem And Etrian Odyssey Hybrid Indie RPG Path of the Midnight Sun Reaches Kickstarter Goal


Around a bit more than a week ago, we reported on Path of the Midnight Sun, an indie RPG with Fire Emblem fan hack roots, with both elements of turn-based strategy and first-person Etrian Odyssey-styled combat, and which was crowdfunding via Kickstarter. Today, Studio Daimon announced that the project has passed its goal of 27,000 pounds.

As part of the celebration at reaching the goal, Studio Daimon released a newly drawn picture of two of the three main characters, Faratras and Shiori.

Meanwhile, stretch goals such as more voice acting, and a Nintendo Switch version have also been revealed now that the base amount of funding has been reached. There are also now Community Goals that are unlocked with the amount of Backers, no matter how much they contribute.

Finally, on December 7th, Studio Daimon will launch a raffle where people can win up to 3 free “Collector’s Edition” copies of the game.


Path of the Midnight Sun will be developed for PC, with a projected December 2020 release window.

Alistair Wong
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