Fire Emblem Cipher Final Booster Pack Released in Japan

Fire Emblem Cipher

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have released the final booster pack for the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher in Japan on October 1, 2020. The 22nd booster pack, titled The Heroes’ Paeon, contains cards from every Fire Emblem title up to Fire Emblem: Three Houses. [Thanks, 4Gamer.]

The Heroes’ Paeon adds a total of 115 cards—the largest amount in any FE Cipher booster packs—featuring characters from all Fire Emblem titles to date. That includes the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes, all three story branches of Fire Emblem Fates, the collaboration games Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and Fire Emblem Warriors, and the Binding Blade-related manga Hasha no Tsurugi (Conqueror’s Blade).

The pack also has 13 cards featuring the protagonists of every mainline Fire Emblem game—including Heroes‘ very own Alphonse—that can be connected to form a combined illustration. Purchasing a box of The Heroes’ Paeon, containing 16 packs with 10 cards each, will also net bonuses of five exclusive sleeves and two out of the four 5th Anniversary reprint cards (Male Robin, Female Corrin, Male Byleth, Female Byleth).

Producer Ryota Kawade explained the reasons for discontinuing Cipher on a live stream held in April 2020. Some of the roles the TCG had were to fill gaps between major Fire Emblem console games and to create events where fans of the franchise could gather and form communities. While Cipher had indeed succeeded in completing its tasks, there are now other events and games that can continue those roles, such as Fire Emblem Heroes.

Assuming there are no further delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the final official National Championship Finals is scheduled to be held in Japan in December 2020. Support for the user and shop-held events will also end in March 2021, while email support for questions related to the game rules will last until March 2022.

The first Fire Emblem Cipher booster pack and starter decks were released on June 25, 2015—the same day Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Conquest came out in Japan. That means the TCG series lasted for over 5 years. You can also check this trailer if you want to know how the card game plays like.

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