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How To Play The Fire Emblem 0 Card Game



Fire Emblem Fates has an official trading card game called Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)featuring heroes from the entire series. Nintendo recently uploaded a video that explains how the game is played.



The cards feature illustration from various artists, and the basic gameplay is actually pretty simple. The big number on the bottom-left shows its strength with a support power number to the right. The card also has other information on the class unit, range, and skills.

The game is played with 50-card decks, where players go against each other in 1v1 fashion. You start out by picking your “protagonist,” and from there, you’ll fight it out with the help of other cards from your respective decks. The goal is to defeat the other player’s protagonist.

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In battle, both players will draw a card that becomes your supporting character. After adding the strength from the original card and the support power of the other, you’ll see which side has the higher attack. If your number is the same or higher than the opponent’s, it counts as a successful attack.



Both players have two sides to their respective fields: the frontline area and the back row area.


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Cards with higher strength do better in the frontline, where they can take out enemies directly in front of them. Those with higher ranged numbers can attack from the back row, and are difficult to hit.



The game is turn-based, and both players will get more cards to attack with over time. Cards also come with all kinds of skills, and can also work with other cards using their skills. Similar to the Fire Emblem games, the “bond” shared between the character cards is one of the key features of the card game.


Fire Emblem 0 cards are currently available in Japan.

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