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Fire Emblem Echoes Trailer Highlights The Game And More Pretty Artwork By Hidari



With Fire Emblem Heroes releasing in a few more weeks in Japan, Nintendo shared a new overview trailer that highlights its story, battles, character, as well as its pretty artwork by Hidari.


The video starts out with a look at the story surrounding the heroes Alm and Celica and their fight in a war that has consumed the nations of Rigel and Zofia on the continent of Valentia.


The next part shows how you’ll travel across the map and commence fights, followed by a look at the basics of battle. We’re then treated to a look at various classes and how they can influence the tides of the strategic battles.


As previously detailed, the game offers a “Classic Mode” that features the series’ characteristic perma-deaths as well as the “Casual Mode” that was made for newer players or for those that want to play with less worries and no perma-deaths.


At 5:21 we get a demonstration of the new “Mila’s Gear” feature that lets you rewind time in battle when things don’t work out for the best. While it does sound super useful, do keep in mind that it has limited uses.


Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia releases in Japan on April 20 and globally on May 19, 2017 for Nintendo 3DS. Catch up on more of the game’s latest details here.

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