Nintendo 3DS

Fire Emblem Echoes Videos Show Us More Of Its System And Battles In Play



Nintendo updated the official Japanese website for Fire Emblem Echoes with some info as well as videos showing off its system and battles, as well as some sweet moves.


The first one is a short overview of its system, where we get to see a bit of its overworld and a glimpse of battle.


The next video is titled “Advance” (as in march) and it shows the overworld map where you’ll get to freely travel from one destination to another.


And finally, here’s a “Battle” video, where we get to see a demonstration of Fire Emblem Echoes’ battle. The game comes in two difficulties of Normal and Hard, and it’ll have “Classic” mode with perma-deaths and “Casual” mode where fallen allies come back after battle.


Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia releases in Japan on April 20 and globally on May 19, 2017 for Nintendo 3DS. Check out our earlier report for more recent info on the game, with newcomer characters Berkut and Faye, a system that lets you “rewind” moves, and more.

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