Fire Emblem Engage Candy Looks Like Bond Fragments

Fire Emblem Engage konpeito candy
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Nintendo will release konpeito candy that resemble Bond Fragments from Fire Emblem Engage. The candies will come in a box featuring special art from character designer Mika Pikazo. It depicts both the male and female versions of Alear. You can pre-order the Fire Emblem Engage candy between April 14, 2023 and May 18, 2023. It’ll cost 5,400 JPY, which is around $40.80.

There will be two flavors of Bond Fragments konpeito candy. The red ones will be strawberry-flavored, and the blue ones will be soda-flavored. Considering this is over 5,000 JPY of candy, each box contains quite a bit. Each flavor will come in a 50g bag.

For those who do not want to eat that much candy, there is a Somnie version that’ll come in a smaller tin can instead. It resembles Somnie, complete with a red kerchief. The Somnie can will only consist of the soda flavor, and it’ll cost 2,700 JPY (around $20.40).

In Fire Emblem Engage, Bond Fragments are special currency you can get through interacting with your army, completing accomplishments, or taking care of Somnie. You can use them for a variety of Ring or Bracelet-related purposes. For example, you can spend Bond Fragments to craft Bond Rings.

Fire Emblem Engage is readily available on the Nintendo Switch. You can pre-order the Fire Emblem Engage konpeito candy online, though as of the time of writing, the link to the online shop does not work.

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