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Fire Emblem Engage’s Bunet Turns Up the Heat in Battle

Fire Emblem Engage Bunet

Nintendo released new information on Bunet, a new character in Fire Emblem Engage, the upcoming entry in the long-running SRPG franchise. Bunet is a chef and the retainer of Prince Fogato of the Kingdom of Solm. But don’t let appearances fool you, as Bunet is also a skilled mounted warrior and a defensive powerhouse in the battlefield.

Bunet’s calm demeanor contrasts heavily to the energetic predisposition of his liege Fogato. He dedicates most of his time collecting ingredients in order to perfecting cooking, his true passion. Cooking is not Bunet’s only skill, as he is a royal retainer oand a proficient mounted warrior.

His starting class in Fire Emblem Engage is Great Knight. They are heavily armed warriors clad in protective armor. As a Great Knight, Bunet can use a variety of weapons to protect his allies. He can also traverse a large amount of terrain thanks to being a mounted warrior. However, players will have to be careful, as Great Knights are particularly weak to magic attacks.

Tomohiro Ōno voices Bunet in the Japanese dub of Fire Emblem Engage. He has also voiced Makoto Shibe in Tomodachi Game, Yūga in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and Chiharu Tsukioka in Haikyuu!! To the Top.

Fire Emblem Engage will come out worldwide on January 20, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch.

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