Fire Emblem Heroes’ 1st Anniversary Has Training Maps, A New Rhythm Game Mode, And Loads Of Orbs


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Nintendo held a Feh Channel livestream today, showing off what sort of anniversary celebrations are in store for the nearly one-year-old Fire Emblem Heroes.


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Firstly, there will be log-in bonuses and double EXP and SP starting on February 1, 2018. There are also a set of 25 daily maps, each based on one banner from the first year of the game. Each map has two difficulties, Normal and Hard.


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There will also be a 50 orb 1st Anniversary Present on February 1, 2018. This means that in the celebrations, players can receive up to 100 orbs.


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From February 3, 2018, there will be new Developer Challenge maps to test players’ wits added every day.


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A new Grand Hero Battle Revival will feature each day, starting February 8, 2018, alongside new GHB Elite quests. Xander, who hasn’t had a Revival featured yet, will re-debut here with an Infernal difficulty map.


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Special Training maps will also be featured every day starting February 8. Each day will reveal a different map suited to train different types of heroes, and have many reinforcements, similar to the Fire Emblem Warriors maps. Coupled with the double EXP and SP event, players can easily train up their desired heroes.


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A new Hero Fest banner will debut starting February 1, 2018. This banner has an increased 5% focus initial appearance rate, and features Brave Hero Ike, Brave Hero Lyn, Nephenee, and Sigurd.


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A new mode, called Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon, will feature in February. It plays similar to the Theatrhythm games, as the screen needs to be tapped in beat with the oncoming enemies. The Illusory Dungeon has 100 floors, with different modes and difficulties.


Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon will be available from February 8, 2018, to February 22, 2018. Floors 41+ unlock over time starting on February 9, 2018.


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Fire Emblem Heroes will be holding another Legendary Hero Summoning Event that starts today at 11pm PT. The new hero that is bringing the animation powercreep in this event is Ike: Vanguard Legend, who appears from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He is an Earth element hero who can confer bonuses to units with the Earth Blessing, and seems to have a new personal Aether special called Radiant Aether. Ike will also be featured in a Mini Tempest Trial in February.



As for the featured heroes in the Summoning Event, they are Sanaki, Siegbert, Faye, Performing Arts Azura, Brave Hero Lucina, Takumi, Nohrian Summer Xander, Fjorm, Ylissean Summer Frederick, Ylissean Summer Robin, and finally Gunnthrá.


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The final event is a new voting event called A Hero Rises, where players can vote for the top hero included in the game so far. The winning hero will be given out as a free 5* copy. Voting begins on February 1, 2018, and every hero available by then is a candidate, including Ike: Vanguard Legend.


Here is the full livestream archive:


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As a fun bonus, a ranking of the top 20 most tapped on heroes on the Home screen was released on Twitter.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.

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