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Fire Emblem Heroes 30th Anniversary Events and Sparking System Revealed

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Intelligent Systems released the latest Feh Channel update for Fire Emblem Heroes on April 2, 2020, and it focuses on events that will be happening for the Fire Emblem series’ 30th anniversary, which will fall on April 20, 2020 in Japan. It also confirmed new features are being added for the game’s summoning feature, such as a sparking system, and details on upcoming banners. It seems that the 8-bit April Fools’ joke wasn’t the only thing in store.

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30th Anniversary Celebration

Grand Hero Battle Revival

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes

One Grand Hero Battle originating from each game in the series is returning for two days each, beginning on April 8, 2020 and ending on May 1, 2020. Additionally, easier Reward Maps will be available over 13 days representing each of the games, including Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. Finally, players can summon for one random five-star main protagonist from different installments as part of the ‘Fire Emblem Leads’ banner. The summoning will be randomized.

Fire Emblem Heroes

A new Special Hero event was also teased, featuring younger versions of Marth and Caeda alongside as yet unrevealed younger versions of certain Heroes. Marth and Caeda are wearing variants of the clothes they used to wear in the original Fire Emblem game on the Famicom. The Special Hero event will be available beginning April 20, 2020.


Update Info:

Limited Hero Battles

Fire Emblem Heroes

The next update for the game will include new versions of past special maps, but will include conditions to spice up the challenge. For example, it might only allow players to use characters from a certain game in the series and might restrict players from adding a Dance/Sing unit or other similar assists to their team for the map. The first Limited Hero Battle will begin on April 13, 2020, with more added day by day until April 17. It will end completely on April 19, 2020. Players will be able to obtain 5,000 Hero Feathers and 220 Divine Codes (used for the Compile Manual feature) from the first wave of Limited Hero Maps.


Fire Emblem Heroes

Another new element is a more detailed Filter that lets you find units based on specific colors, weapon types, movement types, Blessings, or installment. You can also enter a partial part of a name to find units with those letters in them.

Lost Lore: Spoils

A new “mini” version -f Lost Lore that has the Order of Heroes scouting the entire Askr Kingdom for spoils is on the way. Limited-time Divine Codes and Dragonflowers can be earned via the event, and the first event begins on April 27, 2020.

Fortress Level (O) Boost

In Aether Raids, the bonus gained by having Fortress Level differences will be increased to help out players in the lower tiers of Aether Raids.

Summoning Rarity Changes

Some past four- to five-star Heroes will be dropped one tier and become available at three to four stars, making them easier to summon. The change will be instated with Ver. 4.4 and will begin with the first Summoning banner available after the update.

New Feature – Guaranteed Summons

A feature similar to “sparking” in other gacha games is being added to Fire Emblem Heroes. Once per New Hero summoning event, as long as you’ve summoned 40 Heroes from the banner, you are guaranteed one of the four Focus Heroes via a free five-star summon. As this counts the standard Free Summon and (usually) four Summon Tickets provided via the Forging Bonds event, summoning 35 times will be enough to guarantee you one of the Heroes on offer.

The first time this feature will be available will be with the next New Hero event.

New Hero Summoning Event

The next New Heroes will be Rinkah, Lilith, Midori, and Forrest from Fire Emblem Fates. While it wasn’t announced when they will be available, more details will be likely available in the near future.

Finally, you can check out the full Feh Channel below:

Fire Emblem Heroes is available on Apple iOS and Android devices.

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