We got a first look at the Fire Emblem series’ first smartphone game, titled Fire Emblem Heroes, during the Direct presentation today.

Here’s its introduction trailer.



Fire Emblem Heroes is the first-ever title from the series on smartphone.



In addition to familiar faces from the series, the smartphone game features strategic battles with heroes to level up.



You’ll take on the role of a summoner to call on Heroes from throughout the Fire Emblem series.



The maps were made to fit onto your smartphone screen, and you’ll get to control allies by simply using the screen to drag the characters.





Just as you’d expect in a traditional Fire Emblem game, Heroes will involve plenty of terrain strategies to defeat enemies.



It also wouldn’t be complete without a proper weapon triangle system, as shown in the above image.


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 All the characters in Fire Emblem heroes are shown in brand-new art, illustrated by a variety of artists, along with newly recorded voices.



In addition to the main quest, you’ll have access to other modes such as “Training Tower” to level up your heroes, “Special Maps” to play seasonal events, and “Arena Duels” to climb the leaderboards by winning successive battles.



When heroes gain experience, players can then use rewards they’ve earned to acquire new skills, level up Heroes, and increase their ratings.



Fire Emblem Heroes launches February 2, 2017 for Android. The iPhone and iPad versions will release soon after. Pre-registration is now available.





A “Choose Your Legends” event was also revealed on the game’s official website, where you can make your vote. The top-ranked hero and heroine will be featured in Fire Emblem Heroes as special versions. Those who participate will also receive a My Nintendo Platinum point.



The game is free-to-play with micro-transactions. You can get a glimpse at some of the pricing in the above image.


For the full details, you can watch its part on the presentation starting at the 8:35 mark of the video.

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