Fire Emblem Heroes Ashen Wolves Banner Arrives This Week

fire emblem heroes ashen wolves yuri

Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Ashen Wolves are finally joining Fire Emblem Heroes in its next banner. But not all of them will be featured, focus units. Starting on September 17, 2021, people will be able to get Yuri, Hapi, Constance, and Balthus in Fire Emblem Heroes via the new banner. However, rather than Balthus being the fourth focus unit, Muspell, a new dragon featuring prominently in the Ice & Flame Tempest Trials storyline, will round out the banner.

Yuri will be a colorless, infantry unit that uses daggers in Fire Emblem Heroes. He will come equipped with an Honorable Blade and know the new skills Foul Play and C Duel Infantry 4. (Foul Play will allow him to swap spaces with an ally within range.) Constance is a flying unit with a red tome. She will know the new skills Agnea’s Arrow and A/S Far Trace 3. Hapi will be a Fire Emblem Heroes cavalry unit that can use blue tomes. The new-to-the-game skills that will appear with her are Demonic Tome and Atk/Res Catch 4. As for Muspell, he will be a dragon cavalry unit. His three newly added skills will be Flamelick Breath, AR-D Def/Res 4, and Domain of Flame.

As for Balthus, his situation will be a bit unique. He will appear starting with the September 17, 2021 banner. However, he’s joining the pool of heroes as a potential three or four-star unit people might get. He also won’t be a focus hero. The official Twitter account did confirm everyone will get him as a Log-in Bonus.

Here’s the Fire Emblem Heroes new trailer. It shows off all of the Ashen Wolves’ movesets.

And this is the tweet that confirmed people will get a Balthus for free. It also noted people could get Aelfric via a Grand Hero Battle starting on September 18, 2021.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available for Android and Apple iOS devices, and the Ashen Wolves banner will be available on September 17, 2021.

Jenni Lada
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