Fire Emblem Heroes Brings Ursula In New Grand Hero Battle, Adds New Summoning Focus



Fire Emblem Heroes updated tonight with a new Grand Hero Battle against Ursula as well as a new Summoning Focus that features Effie, Felicia, Nino, and Setsuna.



The Grand Hero Battle started tonight and will continue until March 14. The “Ursula: Blue Crow” Grand Hero Battle is available in the Special Maps section. This time around it is a little tougher than previous Grand Hero Battles with a Hard mode option at level 30 that gets you a 3-star Ursula and a Lunatic mode option at level 40 that gives you a 4-star Ursula.


As for the new Summoning Focus, called “Battling Ursula,” it gives you higher chances of acquiring the Heroes Effie, Felicia, Nino, and Setsuna. This, too, will be live until March 17, 2017.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iPhone and Android.

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