Fire Emblem Heroes Is Bumping Its Stamina Cap To 99, Adding Starting Position Options



Fire Emblem Heroes is getting a big update next month, and the game’s official Japanese Twitter account shared a few notes on some of the content we can expect to see from it.




First is a look at the starting positions. Players will get to change starting positions of their party members before the battles start. They’ll get to change as many times until one of the Heroes makes a move.


There will also be some big changes for how Heroes gain experience. With this new update, Heroes of 1 to 4-star rarities will gain more experience points from fighting enemies of lower level. The lower the rarity is, the more EXP they’ll gain.


And finally, it was announced that the stamina cap will be raised to 99 from the current cap of 50. Orbs and Stamina Potion refills will also be adjusted accordingly.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on Android and iPhone.

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