Fire Emblem Heroes Chooses Its Fate With Legendary Female Corrin


Fire Emblem Heroes‘ monthly Legendary and Mythic Hero Banner has arrived, and this month the featured Hero is Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates. She appears in her Nohr Noble attire that she gains after using a Master Seal to promote in either the Conquest or Revelations paths.

Check out the trailer for Legendary Corrin (F) below:

Here’s Legendary Corrin’s skills below:

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes

Legendary Corrin comes with a defensive base kit that focuses on reducing the amount of damage done to her with a damage reduction special that also gives her a significant damage boost. Previously, Fjorm had a similar special with Ice Mirror, which would also reduce damage, and would reflect the reduced damage at the enemy. Corrin’s weapon also gives her a significant in-combat stat boost.

Including Corrin, here is the full list of Heroes featured in Fire Emblem Heroes this month:


  • Eirika: Graceful Resolve
  • Hrid: Icy Blade
  • Ike: Zeal Unleashed


  • Julia: Crusader of Light
  • Naga: Dragon Divinity
  • Nils: Bright Bard


  • Gunnthra: Voice of Dreams
  • Hector: Marquess of Ostia
  • Rinkah: Scion of Flame


  • Corrin (F): Child of Dusk
  • Mila: Goddess of Love
  • Bramimond: The Enigma

Finally, here’s the Japanese trailer for Corrin below:

Fire Emblem Heroes is currently available on iOS and Android. The previous Mythical Hero Banner featured Hel, the goddess of Death.

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