Fire Emblem Heroes Is Getting A Legendary Banner Featuring Archer Lucina On July 31



Fire Emblem Heroes is getting its next Legendary Banner and it features a new archer version of Lucina, “Glorious Archer,” and it begins on July 31, 2018. Here’s a new trailer for the Legendary Hero.


Here’s a new trailer for the Legendary Hero, Lucina: Glorious Archer:



Further details on the new Lucina and her skills learnable at 5★:


Lucina – Glorious Archer (CV: Alexis Tipton, Artist: Yamada Kotaro)


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004 005


The Legendary Hero Lucina: Glorious Archer event starts on July 31 and will be available through August 7, 2018.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android. You can check out our previous report to learn more about the August update that adds team slots and more.

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