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All Incantations In Hades 2 & How to Unlock Them

Incantations are the bedrock of Hades 2, giving you access to basic game mechanics and upgrading everything Melinoe needs on her journey. Incantations require a variety of materials that are gathered throughout the journey. Here’s every Incantation in Hades 2, what they do, and what you need to cast them.

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Which Incantations Should I Get First In Hades 2?

You should get the following Incantations first or as soon as you can:

  • Night’s Craftwork because it lets you carry tools like the Crescent Pickaxe and the Silver Spade on your adventures, which allows you to gather resources, which you’ll need to create any other weapons and is essential to other upgrades.
  • Summoning of Mercantile Fortune summons the Wretched Broker, who is a merchant who is essential to obtaining certain items.
  • Doomed Beckoning because it summons Moros, which is essential to the game’s plot.
  • Reagent Sensing helps you locate natural resources in your current location.
  • Rich Soil lets you plant seeds, which helps you get more resources.
  • Consecration of Ashes lets you use the Altar of Ashee, which lets you upgrade your Arcana.
  • Permeation of Witching-Wards is also something you should focus on casting as soon as you can get it. You won’t get this until a bit later in the game, but you should focus on doing it as soon as possible because it’s how you access the Surface, which is barred at the beginning of the game. There are lots of materials on the Surface that you need too, so it’s good to get them as soon as possible.
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Every Incantation in Hades 2 & Materials Required to Cast Them

NameEffectsMaterials Required
Abyssal InsightActivates the Pitch-Black Stone in the Training Grounds.Two Fate Fabric
Two Moly
Two Nightshade
Two Pearl
Aspects of Night and DarknessAllows you to further empower each weapon.One Nightshade
Five Bronze
Attending a Faithful BeastAllows your Animal Familiars to stay in the Training Grounds when you are absent. When they’re rested, but can harvest two timesFour Wheat
One Tear
One Wool
Briny LifespringReveals a hidden chamber in Oceanus, where you can restore some healings and won’t be attacked by enemies.Three Limestone
Three Lotus
Circles of ProtectionActivates the Warding Circles found throughout Erebus.One Moly
One Lotus
One Nightshade
Cleansing of Fountain-WatersFountains can restore ten percent of your HP.One Moly
One Lotus
Consecration of AshesAllows you to use the Altar of Ashes.Six Ashes
Six Fate Fabrics
One Cinder
Divination of the ElementsOlympians will begin to offer Boons with elemental affinities.Five Psyche
Doomed BeckoningSummons Moros to the Crossroads.Three Fate Fabrics
One Nightshade
Faith of Familiar SpiritsCan turn animals into Animal Familiars, which grants plus one Witch’s Delight.Two Nectar
One Lotus
Fated InterventionBeseeches the Three Fates to lend their aid.Two Ashes
One Silver
Two Moly
Floral FortuneYou can exchange Plants at the Wretched Broker.One Ash
One Nightshade
Flourishing SoilCreate two Soil Plots where you can grow plants from seeds.One Moly
Forget-Me-NotWhen applying Forget-Me-Not to unaccomplished recipes, the game will point out the ingredients needed when you’re out on your journey.One Moly
Gathering of Ancient BonesA random weapon will be selected each night. If you’re wielding this weapon, you will gain bones every time you leave a location.Two Limestone
Golden LifespringReveals a hidden chambe r in Tartarus where you can restore some HP and not be attacked by enemies.Three Shaderoot
Three Marble
Greater Favour of GaiaAllows you to empower your Tools.Four Bronze
Two Marble
Four Iron
Kindred KeepsakesManifest your Keepsakes in the spaces between each region.Two Moly
Four Lime
One Lotus
Kinship FortuneIt reveals a hidden chamber in Tartarus where you can restore some HP and not be attacked by enemies.60 Bones
Necromantic InfluenceAllows you to turn Lone Shadows on your foes.Five Psyche
Five Nightshade
Night’s CraftworkThe Wretched Broker is now selling you gifts.One Moly
Permeation of Witching-WradsAllows you to take down Wards, like the one blocking access to the Surface.One Cinder
One Moly
One Shadow
Propensity Towards GoldReveals Golden Urns.One Fate Fabric
One Lime
Purification of Fountain-WatersFountains now restore 10 percent HP.One Nightshade
One Cattail
Reagent SensingPoints out resources in the area.One Moly
Reviving and Mournful HustMakes use of the Golden Boughs in the Fields of Mourning.One Myrtle
Rich SoilCreate two more Soil Plots.Three Lotus
Ride of the Stygian WellsYou will sometimes come across a Well of Charon in the Underworld.One Moly
One Nightshade
Rite of River-FordingAllows you to access the Crossroads Fishing Pier.Two Cattails
Four Driftwood
Rite of Social SolidarityRestores the Crossroads Taverna for the Shades to rest.Two Nectar
Two Garlic
Rite of Vapour-CleansingRestores the Crossroads’ Hot Springs.Two Moly
Two Nightshade
Two Lotus
Rush of Fresh AirLocations on the surface might contain a Shrine of Hermes.Three Fate Fabrics
Two Driftwood
One Woll
Sandy LifespringCreates the Rift of Thessaly, where you can restore HP and not be attacked by enemies.Three Driftwood
Three Iron
Summoning a Colony of BatsSummons the Learned Sage.Three Marble
One Zenith Sand
Summoning of Mercantile FortuneSummons the Wretched Broker, a merchant, to the Crossroads.Ten Bones
Surge of Stygian WellsCauses a Well of Charan to appear in the space between each Underworld Region.Three Moly
Three Cattail
Unearthed TrovesSometimes locations will have an Infernal Trove.One Night Shade
Five Limestone
Unraveling of a Fateful BondStalls the Life-Draining-Curse that affects you while you’re on the Surface.Two Nightshade
Two Lotus
Two Moss
Two Thalamus
Versant SoilCreates two more plots of soil.One Wheat
One Garlic
Woodsy LifespringReveals a safe area in Erebus where you can restore HP and not be attacked by enemies.Three Silver
One Moly

Hades 2 is now available in Early Access on PC.

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