Fire Emblem Heroes Launches Bound Hero Battle Special Map And New Summoning Focus



Fire Emblem Update has updated with a new kind of special map called the “Bound Hero Battle” and it features Heroes from Fire Emblem Echoes. A new Summoning Focus has gone up for it, too.


The “Bound Hero Battle: Alm & Celica” comes in three difficulties of Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal. It rewards players with two, three, and four Orbs for the respective difficulties. Similar to other Hero Battles, a fallen ally means game over, so you’ll want to be careful.


Furthermore, Bound Hero Battles have a special rule where you cannot use a Light’s Blessing or an Orb to continue a battle if you lose. The event will be available through July 13, 2017.


As for the new Summoning Focus: Alm & Celica Bound Hero Battle, it gives players a higher chance of getting Genny: Endearing Ally, Lukas: Sharp Soldier, and Clair: Highborn Flier.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iPhone and Android. In case you missed it, the game recently received its major 1.5.0 update that introduces the Change Challenge, Squad Assault, and other new features that you can read about in our previous report.

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