Fire Emblem Heroes New Year Units Include Reginn, Fafnir, and Dagr

Fire Emblem Heroes New Year Units Include Reginn, Fafnir

The Fire Emblem Heroes New Year banner is about to begin, and this year many of its heroes are from Book 5. A number of original characters get their first alts. For example, Reginn, Fafnir, Dagr, and Nott hail from Niðavellir and Jötunheimr in Fire Emblem Heroes, and they all appear this time around. The group is rounded out by the appearance of Lyre from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Things will kick off on January 1, 2022.

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Reginn is a five-star cavalry unit. She wields the blue tome Niðavellir Lots. That offers various buffs, as well as enables Canto (2). Fafnir is a five-star cavalry unit as well. He uses the red shuriken Niðavellir Sprig. Like Reginn’s weapon, it enables Canto (2) and bestows other buffs. The five-star Dagr is a green archer and flying unit. Jötnar Bow doesn’t include Canto, but does offer Pathfinder. That’s a skill that means any other ally unit can move through the space this Duo occupies without it counting as a space. The Dagr and Nott Duo Skill also gives Pathfinder to allies within five roes and columns near the unit and gives the unit and allies in that range attack, defense, resistance, and speed +6.

As for Lyre, she’s the only character available as both a four-star and five-star. She’s a colorless beast unit, which means she transforms if she is not adjacent to a human ally. (She will transform if she is alone or next to fellow beasts or dragons.) She also counts as a cavalry unit.

Here’s the Fire Emblem Heroes trailer looking at these versions of Reginn, Fafnir, Lyre, and Dagr with Nott.

It’s something of a tradition for Fire Emblem Heroes original characters to appear on the New Year banner. For example, the 2021 banner included Book 4’s Plumeria, Peony, and Triandra. (Peony and Triandra were the Duo unit that year.)

Fire Emblem Heroes is available on Android and Apple iOS devices, and its New Year banner will run January 1-31, 2022.

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