Fire Emblem Heroes Reveals Resplendent Azura as the Upcoming Hero

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Intelligent Systems has revealed the latest Fire Emblem Heroes Resplendent Hero that is exclusive to Feh Pass users. It’s Azura: Lady of the Lake from Fire Emblem Fates. Azura will be given out for free alongside her Resplendent costume on April 10, 2020.

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Like Lyn, the first Resplendent Hero, Azura is dressed in attire that reflects the Nifl Kingdom, one of the realms depicted in Book 2 of Heroes. Azura was one of the two only available dancers at launch and has become overlooked in the years since then, as other dancers and even other versions of herself have surpassed her capabilities. Sadly, Azura still lacks a personal weapon and refine, but the stat boost will help her get a bit back up to speed.

Furthermore, since the release of the first Resplendent Hero in Fire Emblem Heroes, we can now see that there is a pattern of 5-star Heroes and 3-4-Star Heroes being given Resplendent outfits. Lyn (5-star) and Cordelia (3-4-star) were the first Resplendent Units, and were followed by Ike (5*) and now Sophia (3-4*). All these units have so far only been from units released in 2017.

While you’ll need Feh Pass to get the outfitted Hero during the giveaway period, players who join Feh Pass later will need to pay an extra cost to get the outfit later on.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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