Fire Emblem Heroes’ Next Resplendent Hero Will Be Ike: Young Mercenary

fire emblem heroes ike

In January 2020, Fire Emblem Heroes began its Feh Pass service, which provides a free five-star Resplendent Hero with new art, sprites, voice acting, and +2 bonus to each stat every month. Following the release of Resplendent Cordelia, the next Resplendent Hero was revealed. It is Fire Emblem Heroes‘ Ike: Young Mercenary.

Ike will be dressed in Muspell-inspired clothes, have a brand-new cape, and get new voice lines. The original version of Ike released in mid-2017 and was soon outclassed by his Legendary version, which had a stronger version of Aether and Warding Breath. The Resplendent Hero upgrade allows regular Ike to keep up by playing to his strengths of having a decently high attack stat, which goes with his Heavy Blade A skill. For those without Ike, it’s a chance to get a guaranteed copy of the character for those who pay for a month of subscription service.

Resplendent Heroes release on the 10th and 25th of every month, and so Resplendent Ike will release on March 10, 2020. From Ike’s reveal today, we now know that the next Resplendent Hero will be announced upon the release of the latest Resplendent Hero.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available on Apple iOS and Android devices, with the Resplendent Fire Emblem Heroes Ike arriving on March 10, 2020. Apart from Resplendent skins, the Feh Pass includes several other perks.

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