Fire Emblem Heroes Subscription Costs $9.50 per Month [Update]


Each new Feh Channel brings up announcements going over how Fire Emblem Heroes will change. The February 1, 2020 one was almost 30 minutes long and announced details on the results for the Choose Your Legends 4 voting competition, news about four-star Special Heroes, revealed the purpose of Divine Codes, and showed off a new monthly subscription pass called Feh Pass. The special update video was hosted not by the messenger owl Feh, but her boss, Fehnix (JP CV: Takehito Koyasu; EN CV: Patrick Seitz).

Choose Your Legends Round 4 Results

The four winners of Choose Your Legends 4, a poll where people voted for new heroes that would be added to the game, are all Fire Emblem: Three Houses characters, Edelgard and Lysithea took first and second place, respectively, in the women’s division, and Dimitri and Claude earned first and second in the men’s division.

Like previous years, there will be special versions of these Heroes released in a banner sometime this year. Going by previous years, this will end up around summertime.


Feh Pass

A new monthly subscription service called Feh Pass has been announced, and players who subscribe to the service can receive five benefits that enhance their enjoyment of the game.

Respendent Heroes

The first benefit are Resplendent Heroes. These units are special versions of existing units that have +2 added to all their stats, and new art, sprites, and voices featuring them in the garb of the Askr, Nifl, and other Fire Emblem Heroes-original kingdoms. By purchasing the pass, any of your versions of the original Lyn will turn into the Resplendent version. That said, you can freely switch between the art without losing the stats.

Update: A copy of the 5* Hero will be given out to Feh Pass subscribers alongside the Resplendent Hero skin.

Additionally, you will not lose the skin and stats even if you drop the subscription in later months. [Thanks, Itsmisterpool on Reddit!]

There will be distribution periods that begin on the tenth and twenty-fifth of each month for Resplendent Heroes, although they can be purchased individually later on. The first Heroes to receive Resplendent versions are Lyn: Lady of the Plains and Cordelia: Knight Paragon.

More information will be found via the Feh Pass website that will be opened at a later date.

Here’s the art for Lyn and Cordelia below:

Lyn: Lady of the Plains

Cordelia: Knight Paragon

Special Feh Pass Quests will be available to subscribers, and these will give opportunities to earn extra currencies like Orbs, Grails, Divine Dew, and Divine Codes.

With Feh Pass, you can have up to three Summoner Supports at once. As a reminder, Summoner Supports provide +2 to that Hero’s main stats and +5 to their HP as well.

Similar to the Mila’s Turnwheel and Divine Pulse features in recent Fire Emblem games, Re-Act allows players to get another shot at getting their actions right by turning back your actions in the turn or previous turns. It also allows players to go back to the final turn before a Game Over if they fail the map.

That said, Re-Act will not be usable in Coliseum modes or Aether Raids. This means that it’ll be mainly for PvE content like Grand Hero Battles.

Finally, the Auto-Start option allows players to repeat maps until stamina runs out, designating how many times they wish to repeat it.

Feh Pass will cost $9.49 each month and will be available beginning after the Ver. 4.2 update coming on February 5, 2020.


Fire Emblem Heroes 3rd Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate the game’s 3rd anniversary in February, there will be a set of special events that will grant orbs and free Hero Summons revolving around the theme of ‘3’.

There will be three Hero Fests containing the Choose Your Legends Heroes from previous years coming soon, each with five free summon tickets each.

Bound Hero Battles will return with Daily Quests, so that those who completed the maps will have orbs to earn as well.

There will be 13 Reward Maps available, each with Normal and Hard difficulties. Over the course of 13 days, you’ll be able to receive a total of 26 orbs.

A guaranteed five-star Summon for a seasonal Special Hero will be held, with Special Heroes that have appeared over the course of 2019 and early 2020 being applicable for being summoned for free.

Finally, the A Hero Rises event is coming back, but with a twist. This time, the playerbase is choosing eight Heroes who will join a Voting Gauntlet. This is a voting contest that will last until 6:59pm PT on February 8, 2020. People visit a website to vote for heroes they would like to get for free.

Afterwards, the Voting Gauntlet will be held starting at the end of February 2020. People will pick the unit they most want and fight in battles to help them climb up a bracket. The winning character will then be gifted to all players beginning on March 10, 2020.

New Special Heroes: Lovely Gifts

A new seasonal banner featuring Heroes from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is on its way. Heroes featured will include Duo Alm & Celica, Faye, Conrad, and Rudolf, as well as free unit Silque, who can be earned as Tempest Trials+ rewards.

The Lovely Gifts banner will begin on February 6 at reset time.

Here are the character portraits for each one.

Duo Alm & Celica





One of the exciting things about this Special Hero banner is that one of the four units (in this case, Conrad) will appear as a four-star unit as well. This makes it easier to get copies of one of the Special Heroes going forward, and this new four-star rarity Focus will apply to all Special Hero and New Hero summoning events. Which one it is will be announced beforehand.


Compile Combat Manual

A new feature that will be added in March 2020 is the Compile Combat Manual, which will use the Divine Codes that people can earn via Mjolnir’s Strike. By using Divine Codes, you are able to summon a Combat Manual copy of certain Heroes, making it easier to get a merge or a rare skill.

However, the compilation process follows a set order, and you’ll need to summon all previous Heroes in a path before receiving the one you want. That said, you can switch to other paths anytime without losing progress on a different path.

There are also special limited-time compilations that don’t have to follow a set path. These include rotating seasonal Heroes and sometimes units with helpful skills.

Finally, a whole bunch of Fire Emblem Heroes artists shared celebratory artwork for the game’s 3rd anniversary:

At the very end, Lysithea makes two appearances, meaning she will likely be added in the next New Heroes banner featuring Three Houses characters:

The Japanese Feh Channel ended with a touching message to Feh’s voice actress, Juri Kimura, who recently gave birth to a child and is away on maternity leave.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available on Apple iOS and Android devices.

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