Fire Emblem Heroes Scions of Twelve Banner Will Focus on FE4

Fire Emblem Heroes Scions of Twelve

Intelligent Systems announced a Fire Emblem Heroes Tempest Trials+ event and a new banner that will go live from September 7, 2021 after the Version 5.10.0 update. The Scions of Twelve banner will include characters from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776. Additionally, players can obtain Special Hero Nanna: Mystletainn Scion from clearing the Tempest Trials+ Ice & Flame 3 event maps.

Characters from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War who will appear on the Fire Emblem Heroes Scions of Twelve banner are:

  • Scion of Astra: Larcei (Lizzie Freeman/Atsumi Tanezaki)
  • Scion of the Saint: Julia (Cassandra Lee Morris/Ayane Sakura)
  • Wind-Song Scion: Lewyn (Steve Staley/Takehito Koyasu)
  • Destined Scions: Leif (Nicholas Roye + Christian La Monte/Kenichi Suzumura + Yuma Uchida)

For Destined Scions: Leif, he comes with Seliph. The video also shows off the skills for each unit. Larcei, for example, has the skill Whirling Grace, which will buff her Attack/Speed/Defense/Resistance if her HP is more than 25%. It will also guarantee that a foe cannot use a follow-up attack, nor can they block Larcei’s follow-up attack.

You can watch the trailer video here:


Fire Emblem Heroes is readily available worldwide on mobile devices. The Scions of Twelve Special Heroes banner will run from September 7, 2021 to October 6, 2021. September 6, 2021 marks the last day of the current Legendary Heroes banner with Micaiah.

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