Fire Emblem Heroes Will Have The Option To Change Text Languages But Not Audio Language



Last week, Nintendo announced that Fire Emblem Heroes, their latest mobile game, would be releasing for smartphones on February 2nd. Now we have learned a few more facts about the mobile game, thanks to an email sent to the Japanese Fire Emblem Heroes customer support by Reddit user SBelmont. In the email, they asked whether or not the game would have one global server and if players would be able to change the language of in-game text and voices.


Customer support responded, saying that there will be one global server for all players, meaning that players won’t be divided over several servers by region and language. There will also be the option to change the language of the game’s text. However, the language of in-game voices will not have the option to be changed.


Fire Emblem Heroes will release for iOS and Android devices on February 2nd.