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Celebrate your Favorite Fire Emblem: Three Houses Character’s Birthday With an Exclusive Calendar

Fire Emblem Three House Birthday Calendar

In the upcoming April 2, 2020 issue of Famitsu, a special Fire Emblem: Three Houses calendar will be included with your purchase. This exclusive calendar not only features twelve illustrations, but the birthday of every character from the game will also be marked to the day and month. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

This Fire Emblem: Three Houses calendar might be a fun item for a fan. The calendar starts with April 2020 so folks can use it for the remainder of this year and for the start of the 2021. You can purchase this issue of Famitsu through either the Amazon Japan or Ebten storefronts.

Fire Emblem Three House Calendar

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the latest installment in the series. The base game offers four branching routes the player for the player to progress through. Players take the role of Byleth, a professor at an esteemed academy where they can interact with and train their students. In true Fire Emblem fashion, you can choose to romance characters and even pair off your favorites to receive post-game endings.

More recently, a DLC was released that offered another story path for players to experience. Several new classes were added to the game with this expansion.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses and its expansion, Cindered Shadows, are available for the Nintendo Switch.

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