Fire Emblem: Three Houses Focuses On The Various Ways To Teach Your Students

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With one side focusing on skills and the Battle section of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the other section of Famitsu’s big scoop focuses on the teaching aspect with the Officer’s Academy and what you can help students achieve there.



Here are some of the classes you can reclass characters to:


3h 29



3h 30

Class skill: Canto – If there are any remaining movement spaces left, unit can move that amount of spaces after performing action.



3h 31



3h 32

Class skill: Barefisted combat – Can perform melee strikes with fists even without weapon equipped.



3h 33

Class skill: Fire – Can use the Fire spell. Doubles the number of usages if spell already learnt.


Dark Mage

3h 34

Class skill: Miasma Delta – Makes Miasma Delta spell usable. Doubles number of usages if spell learnt.

Class skill: Hex – Reduces Avoid of enemies within 2 spaces by –20.


Fodlan Calendar

In Fodlan, there are twelve seasons in a year, like how there are 12 months in a year in our world. Each chapter will take place across one season, and players will get to designate what students do in this time during weekdays and weekends.

The gameplay flow is as follows:

Weekdays – Lessons

Weekends – Free time

End of season – Field Study Battle


Here’s a look at the calendar:

3h 35 3h 36

3h 39 3h 40


Teaching students

3h 37

3h 38

There are various aspects to take into account in regards to teaching students. For example, the green bar at the top of the screenshots is Byleth’s Instructor Actions, which show how many times they can personally teach students in a week. This gauge will increase as Byleth’s Instructor Level goes up.


Another thing to take into account is student motivation, shown by their facial expression icon. The higher their motivation, the better they’ll do and the more times they can be personally tutored. While you can leave teaching on Auto, you need to make sure to form a bond with your students to raise motivation so they learn better.

3h 42 3h 43

3h 44 3h 45

Byleth’s Instructor Level will increase from various actions, including just interacting with students during lunchtime. Increasing Instructor Level also increases your Activity Funds.


3h 46 3h 47

3h 48 3h 49

Increasing motivation can be done by giving correct advice to students who come ask you for guidance. This also feeds into your Instructor Level.


Personal Tutoring

3h 50 3h 51

3h 52 3h 53

3h 54 3h 55

Personal tutoring allows you to focus on teaching particular skills to particular students, such as unlocking new Ability skills, or weapon rank, and more. There are four results from personal tutoring, and you can choose to praise or scold students, which will affect their motivation.

Each student also has skills they are weak or strong at.


Personal Targets

3h 56 3h 57

3h 58 3h 59

Apart from Personal Tutoring, you can also set Personal Targets for students to generally strive towards, such as learning skills fit for a magic user. Via this method, you can easily set up trainings for students to specialize or be all-rounders.


Group Tasks

3h 60 3h 61

3h 62 3h 63

Every week, you can pair up two students to work on one Group Task, which will help improve their skills and such, as well as improve Support between those two characters. You also gain rewards if it succeeds. Group Tasks include preparing Anti-Aerial measures, as well as mundane tasks like weeding the garden of the Monastery.


Blossoming Talent

3h 64 3h 65

3h 66 3h 67

One of the more unique systems is the fact that you can actually help students overcome their weaknesses through hard work and dedication. In game, this is represented as three stars next to the weak skill, which when filled up turns the skill into a proficient skill.



Church of Seiros

The Church of Seiros is deeply rooted in Fodlan, and is based on Saint Seiros, who defeated Liberator-King Nemesis during the War of Heroes in order to restore peace to Fodlan. It’s said that they helped found the Adrestian Empire.

As time passed, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus became independent, and the Leicester Alliance also left. A long struggle of power and control ensued. The current status quo of equilibrium is said to be mainly thanks to the Church of Seiros.



Many of the appearing nobles are descendants of the Ten Heroes of Fodlan who fought in the War of Heroes.Their powers became inhabited in these Crests that are passed down through the families. While it is largely blood-related, direct descendants do not necessarily have the Crest, and only select individuals can bring out its true power.

Crests are divided into Major Crests and Minor Crests, with Minor Crests being a bit less powerful. Although in general those of stronger blood relation are likelier to bear Major Crests, sometimes a child with a Major Crest will suddenly be born with no likely explanation.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses releases for Nintendo Switch on July 26, 2019. You can learn more about the protagonist here, the story and other characters here, battle and game systems here.

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