Fire Emblem: Three Houses Introduces Petra, Hailing From The Brigid Archipelagos

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Intelligent Systems has given the lowdown on Petra, who hails from the Brigid Archipelagos off the shore of mainland Fodlan, and is still learning the Fodlan language.


Petra (CV: Shizuka Ishigami)

House: Black Eagles

“I, thank you, Teacher. You, always, listen, patiently.”


The granddaughter of the King of the Brigid Archipelagos, which is found off the Western shores of Fodlan. The Brigid Archipelagos serves under the Empire, and she was sent to study at the Officer’s Academy from her homeland as a symbol of loyalty. While she still isn’t well-versed in Fodlan’s language, she studies hard to improve.


Here’s a video of Petra talking with Byleth:


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Fire Emblem: Three Houses releases for Nintendo Switch on July 26, 2019. Check our previous report to learn more about its activities including fishing, cooking, and more.

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