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Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Wave 3 & 4 DLC Will Add Anna, Jeritza, And Dog Petting


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Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Wave 3 and Wave 4 DLC have been detailed in the Three Houses Perfect Guide published by Famitsu, and it seems that it will include Anna as an extra playable character, a sauna feature at the Monastery, dog petting, and more. [Thanks, Serenes Forest!]


Here are the contents according to the guidebook:

Wave 3


  • New playable unit: Jeritza (certain routes only)
  • New supports
  • New activities
  • New online features



  • New playable unit: Anna
  • New monastery facilities
  • New online features
  • Anna and Jeritza dialogue
  • Around 10 new quests
  • New activity: Sauna
  • New costumes: Maid, butler, and more
  • New Maid and Butler Battalions


Wave 4


  • Side story: Abyss Mode
  • New player characters: Juris, Balthazar, Constanze, Javi (direct translation)
  • New supports
  • New online features
  • New Hero Relics
  • New classes
  • New paralogues
  • New quests
  • New battalions
  • New Gambits
  • New costumes for Byleth (male and female) and Sothis


Fire Emblem: Three Houses is available on Nintendo Switch.

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