Fire Emblem Warriors Ships 1 Million, Nioh Reaches 1.9 Million Worldwide Shipments


Fire Emblem Warriors Tiki

Koei Tecmo had a lot to say about its global IP development and expansions in the latest financial results, and it also included some updates for shipments and digital sales for various titles.


Here’s the latest updated figures:

  • Dynasty Warriors 9730,000 units shipped worldwide
  • Attack on Titan 2 – 520,000 units shipped worldwide
  • Nobunaga’s Ambition – 130,000 units shipped in Japan and Asia
  • Atelier Lydie  & Suelle – 180,000 units shipped in Japan and Asia
  • Fire Emblem Warriors – 1,000,000 units shipped worldwide
  • Nioh – 1,900,000 units shipped worldwide


Koei Tecmo added a couple notes, the first one being Nioh which surpassed 1.9 million in global shipments and digital sales, and thanks to that the company will aim to take a bigger jump into the North American and European market.


As for Dynasty Warriors 9 it shipped 730,000 units worldwide with similar figures shared between Japan and Asia. Koei Tecmo aims to build on this affinity by further expanding on the market for the regions.

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