First Pokemon Masters Events Announced In Its First Pokemon Masters News Video


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When mobile games first launch, they tend to have launch celebrations and immediate events to pull players in. Pokemon Masters will be no exception, and the first entry in a new a new video series has been released to provide possible players with new insight. Ahead of the game’s launch, the first Pokemon Masters News update has arrived to let people know what its launch celebration and first story event will look like.


The Pokemon Masters Launch Celebration will consist of login bonuses and limited missions. People who begin playing when the game launches on August 29, 2019 will get items like gems. People will get enough to Sync Pair Scout 10 times. These allow you to acquire new Sync Pairs in-game to help you battle. There will also be missions that, once completed, will give different items that could end up being helpful as people are just finding their footing in the Pokemon Masters League. People will be able to access these events until October 16, 2019.


The first one of the Pokemon Masters events will begin on September 3, 2019. There will be two kinds of events in the game, Story and Training, and “Reach for the Top” is a story event starring the Sync Pairs Blue & Pidgeot, Flannery & Torkoal, and Misty & Starmie. Players will follow along and help as the group works to defeat the Indigo Elite Four member Bruno and his signature Pokemon Machamp. Blue & Pidgeot will be in the Sync Pair Scout during this event, giving people a chance to get a Sync Pair that can trigger the Mega Pidgeot evolution and use World-Swallowing Hurricane. This event will be available until September 29, 2019. However, if people miss it, it will eventually be rerun.


Some details on the initial Pokemon Masters Sync Pairs were also offered. 65 will be available when the game launches. (Some shown in the trailer were Flint & Infernape, Norman & Slaking, Viola & Surskit, and Whitney & Miltank. More Sync Pairs and difficult battles are also apparently on the way.


Here is the first episode of Pokemon Masters News.


Pokemon Masters will come to Android and Apple iOS devices on August 29, 2019.

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