Yesterday, Marvelous Entertainment revealed Rune Factory Oceans via Famitsu magazine. The game features two protagonists, Azel (male) and Sonia (female), and in a new twist, you get to play as both genders. Here’s a better look at the both of them:

runef_oceans_004 runef_oceans_005


Additionally, Oceans also lets you ride on the back of a giant, named Ymir, to explore the surrounding oceans. Ymir can lift entire islands and move them to new locations. We aren’t entirely certain of the extent to which this affects the game. You can also fight on Ymir’s back. Here’s a good look at him, courtesy of Famitsu:

runef_oceans_008 runef_oceans_007


Naturally, it wouldn’t be a Rune Factory game without combat, so here’s a quick look at that, too. It looks like Neverland Co. are trying to give the “dungeons” a little more diversity this time around than in Rune Factory Frontier. In fact, that ship doesn’t look like a dungeon at all.

runef_oceans_009 runef_oceans_010


Rune Factory Oceans is slated for a February 24th, 2011 release on Wii and PlayStation 3 in Japan. Early buyers will be able to grab a visual book, a drama CD, a set of guest illustrations and a beginner’s guide to the Rune Factory series along with the game:



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