Fist of the North Star Whisky Features Toki And Jagi

fist of the north star whisky

A raffle for Fist of the North Star whisky will open up on January 16, 2023 in Japan. You will have be able to put in your name for it until January 20, 2023. You can get either a bottle with Toki on it, or a bottle with Jagi on it. The Toki bottle will cost 25,300 JPY ($192.30) whereas the Jagi bottle will cost 26,400 JPY. ($200.65). [Thanks, Game Watch!]

This is the second batch of Fist of the North Star whisky from Whisky Mew. The first batch came out in 2020 and featured Kenshiro and Raoh. Aside from the labels, the two whiskies are different brands. Toki is a Bunnahabhain 2010 (with an ABV of 51.8%), and Jagi is a Highland Single Malt 2000 (with an ABV of 52.3%).

There is only a limited supply of each whiskey. Whisky Mew has 144 bottles of the Bunnahabhain 2010, and there are 126 bottles of the Highland Single Malt 2000. However, because this is a raffle system, it is not first-come-first-serve. When you put your name into the raffle, you can only purchase one bottle of each type.

The Fist of the North Star whisky will be available for pre-order on January 16-20, 2023. You can put your name and information into the raffle via the Whisky Mew website. Whisky Mew does not ship internationally, and it discourages secondhand selling or using a proxy service. This is so that customers are able to purchase its whiskey at the proper price.

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