F:NEX Announced a New Figure of Hatsune Miku in a Kimono

F:NEX Hatsune Miku kimono figure

F:NEX is collaborating with Japanese-style doll manufacturer Yoshitoku to release a new 1/4th scale Japanese-style figure of Hatsune Miku dressed up in an elaborate floral kimono. The figure is based on an illustration created by Japanese artist Fuji Choco. The new 1/4th scale Hatsune Miku kimono figure will be available for pre-order soon. There is currently no information on its price or release date. FuRyu Hobby Mall announced that it will release more information in the coming days. [Thanks, Dengeki Hobby!]

The official FuRyu Hobby Mall Twitter account announced the collaboration in a tweet showing a prototype picture of the Hatsune Miku kimono figure. You can also check out the prototype and the original Fuji Choco illustration (@fuzichoco on Twitter) here:

This new figure marks the ninth collaboration between F:NEX and Yoshitoku. The two previously worked together to release figures based on other popular anime characters wearing Japanese kimono.

Since Japan celebrates Miku Day on March 9th every year, these is not the only Hatsune Miku news for the day. The popular Vocaloid character is inspiring another figure from Spiritale and plenty of new Miku merchandise.

Pre-orders for the new 1/4th scale Hatsune Miku kimono figure will start soon. FuRyu Hobby Mall will release more information in the coming days.

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