F:NEX Spy x Family Anya and Loid Figures Can Be Displayed Together

Spy x Family Loid Anya Figure

F:NEX opened pre-orders for two figures of Anya and Loid from Spy x Family. The figures, both of which include a brick-style figure stand, can be connected and displayed together. The Anya figure will cost ¥14,300 (about $104), while the Loid figure will cost ¥17,600 (about $128). Pre-orders are available until September 15, 2022. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

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The two 1/7 scale figures are based on each character’s appearance in the Spy x Family anime adaptation. Loid Forger, an undercover spy by the name of “Twilight”, wears his signature turquoise suit with black gloves. He also holds a silenced pistol in his right hand. The figure features finer details such as creases in Loid’s three-piece suit, black dress shoes polished to a shine, as well as buttons and his bronze pin.

Anya Forger, a telepathic girl whom Loid adopted for his mission, is wearing her Eden Academy uniform. Her uniform features gold trim. Furthermore, Anya is also pointing her toy gun in front of her with a stern expression. In her left hand, she is holding her Chimera doll aka “Director Chimera”. While the two figures can be displayed together, F:NEX does not appear to sell a third figure of Yor Forger as of writing.

You can get a better look at the Spy x Family Anya and Loid figures in the screenshots below:

Spy x Family initially began as a weekly manga series on Shonen Jump’s online manga service, Shonen Jump Plus. The manga series’ anime adaptation started airing in April 2022, and has since garnered significant popularity both in Japan and abroad. The second part of the anime’s first season will appear in October 2022.

The Spy x Family Anya and Loid figures are available for pre-order via the F:NEX website, as well as various hobby retailers in Japan. The Anya figure will cost ¥14,300 (about $104), while the Loid figure will cost ¥17,600 (about $128). Pre-orders will be open until September 15, 2022.

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