Spy x Family Part 2 Will Air in October 2022

spy x family part 2

The last episode of the first cour of Spy x Family is now available, but never fear – part 2 will start airing in October 2022. The second cour will be in the Fall 2022 anime season, which will include My Hero Academia season 6 and Mob Psycho 100 season 3. Both the Japanese and the English Spy x Family Twitter accounts tweeted trailers. [Thanks, Crunchyroll!]

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While marketing for part 1 played up the more comedic elements of the show, the trailer for part 2 is more serious. From the trailer, we can see that Spy x Family part 2 will cover the Inusan Crisis Arc. We also get a small look at the big white dog Bond and bomb terrorist Keith Kepler. Here is the English subtitled version of the Spy x Family part 2 trailer:

Hiroki Takahashi will play Keith. Takahashi’s previous roles include Jounouchi (Joey) in the Japanese version of Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters and Hisoka in the 1999 version of Hunter x Hunter. He also voices Shu Itsuki in Ensemble Stars.

Spy x Family follows the story of Loid Forger, a spy who needs a fake wife and daughter for the sake of a mission. He eventually finds them in Yor, who is secretly an assassin, and Anya, who is secretly a mind reader. Loid and Yor don’t know each other’s true identities, though Anya does and keeps it to herself. The show focuses on the misunderstandings and daily struggles of parenthood.

Spy x Family is available for streaming on Crunchyroll. Part 2 will air in Fall 2022.

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