New My Hero Academia Season 6 Trailer Shows All-Out War

my hero academia season 6

Toho Animation released a new trailer for the upcoming season 6 of My Hero Academia. The show will start up again from the Fall 2022 anime season. The trailer shows off the Heroes and the Villains facing off in an all-out war. Characters like Endeavor, Hawks, Dabi, and Toga also make appearances.

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The majority of the trailer focuses on the ongoing conflict between the Heroes and the Villains, who formed the Paranormal Liberation Front. This is a giant organization that combines the League of Villains with the Meta Liberation Army. The battle in Season 6 of My Hero Academia will pick up from where season 5 left off. This means that it will start up from the Paranormal Liberation War arc.

While things heat up in the anime, the manga is starting to draw to a close. In May 2022, Jump released a video promoting the current finale arc in My Hero Academia, which will end sometime within the year.

The original premise of My Hero Academia revolves around Izuku Midoriya, who is Quirk-less in a world where everyone has a Quirk. A Quirk is essentially a superpower, such as invisibility or pyrokinesis. One day, he receives the Quirk of All Might, who is the greatest Hero, and he gains the right to attend U.A., which is a school for fledgling heroes. As the series progresses, the story moves away from the high school setting and focuses on more societal threats.

My Hero Academia season 6 will start airing in Fall 2022. My Hero Academia is available for streaming through services such as Crunchyroll.

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