My Hero Academia Season 6 Will Release in Fall 2022

My Hero Academia Season 6 Release

Animation studio Bones announced that My Hero Academia season 6 will release sometime in Fall 2022. The studio also revealed a new teaser trailer alongside the announcement. As of writing, there is no confirmation of an English simulcast or Western release.

Bones announced the release of the upcoming season at Jump Festa 2022. The trailer teases a coming war between the newly-formed Paranormal Liberation Front and Heroes. Towards the end, it also teases the appearance of the central antagonist Tomura Shigaraki. Additionally, the teaser trailer also features prominent characters such as Endeavor, Eraser Head, and Present Mic.

The upcoming season will likely focus on the Paranormal Liberation War arc, picking up after the events of season 5. As with past promotional material, “All Out War” looks to be the main theme of season 6.

You can check out the My Hero Academia season 6 teaser trailer below.

Shonen Jump confirmed the production of My Hero Academia season 6 back in September 2021, though it was not in production at the time. The season 5 finale aired on September 25, 2021.

While Studio Bones has not confirmed a Western release, the last season was available on Crunchyroll and Funimation. The My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission movie also appeared in the US and Canadian theaters in October 2021.

My Hero Academia season 6 will release in Japan in Fall 2022.

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